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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Traveling to the Asphalt Jungle

Getting itchy feet from too many weeks at home, so I decided to take a short cruise into Ontario in 2 weeks. The Asphalt Jungle Shorts Festival in downtown Kitchener is featuring two of my short plays and I decided to go see them.

My monologue BALANCING ACT, about a Libra, is being performed in a bar -- this will be its North American premiere. (Its first performance was in London, England by Short & Girlie Productions.)

Also, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, about a bride-to-be waiting for her lesbian wedding, is being performed in the Kitchener City Hall.

I'm particularly thrilled about the latter. It should have a very different resonance in Ontario, where gay marriage has been legal for a year (see Toronto Pride brides in photo) than here in Ohio, which recently passed an anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment (ick).

While I'm doing my theater swing through Ontario, I'll also get to see 3 other shows -- LONDON ASSURANCE at Stratford, and THE CRUCIBLE and THE MAGIC FIRE at the Shaw Festival. Both of these companies are among the best in North America, and it's great for them to be within driving distance. I'm crazy for Tadeusz Bradecki (THE CRUCIBLE), who is one of the best directors I've ever seen, and I've always wanted to see one of Lillian Groag's plays (THE MAGIC FIRE). And how often do you get to see a Dion Boucicault play?


  • Linda: will look forward to hearing about Asphalt Jungle; had planned to get there, but then had to cancel because of a doctoral exam. Drat!

    By Blogger alan, at 6:02 PM  

  • Hi !

    My boyfriend just got road to mecca from you ( for me !).
    Are you interested in joining us in writing a play in november ?
    I started naplwrimo this year and 19 of us are writing plays. if you're interested.
    Don't mean to be intrusive.
    I am always happy to meet new bloggers/playwrights/women !


    By Blogger P'tit Boo, at 2:07 PM  

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